Our Team


Batch 1

Batch 2


Trainers, for us, are people who take the interns and train them to be able to talk & teach the common people carefully when they come across a topic relating to abuse.
Muzzammil Shafee, Clinical Psychologist | Taimia Sarwar, Psychologist  

Nayab Imtiaz, Psychologist | Mehak Fatima, Botanist |  Habiba Asad, Assistant Trainer 

Legal Advisor

The one who helps us understand the whats and whys of anything that may concern legal advice.

Sher Baz Ali, Senior Counsel at Lahore High Court Bar Association


The brains and hearts behind this initiative.

Wajdaan Muhammad | Sijdah Hussain


Why you?

Because there is no one better.

Why now?

Because tomorrow isn’t soon enough.

– Donna Brazile
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