We began our journey in 2016 with a dream to change the world – it’s still the same but with a hint of more acceptance towards the unsaid and underlying roots of negativism that had to be talked about.

Chaaon – Sab K Liye is an initiative that aims to eradicate the common atrocities in our society today. We will do so by taking into account various aspects, including Animal & Child abuse, and in turn implementing imperative steps to reduce them. The idea is to create awareness among-st the masses to convince them to have a more positive perspective to talk about the common adverse practices which have been taking place in the society.


We aim to:

  • Promote positivism around us by enhancing acceptance of one’s own mistakes and will to change it.
  • Raise awareness regarding the key issues of our time by holding seminars, discussions and other such events.
  • Promote peace and inter as well as intra-diversity within our society.
  • Promote a positive change in the coming generations by holding monthly school workshops.
  • Provide free weekly counselling sessions in order to cleanse and heal the wounds of our society, in time and with more resources.

What have we done till date?

So far we:

  • Conducted a research to gain insights as to how our community felt about Animal Abuse.
  • Initiated a #DonateWarmth drive. We covered grounds on:

1. Secretariat

2. Minar-e-Pakistan

3. Badshahi Mosque

4. Lahore Fort

5. Androon-e-Lahore

6. Data Darbar

7. Larri Adda

8. Mayo Hospital

  • We also went to Abba Home Orphanage as part of the #DonateWarmth initiative as well as to raise awareness about child abuse.
  • Went to Door of Awareness for a #DonateWarmth drive as well as to teach them about good and bad touch.
  • Held hands with Azaad Pakistan to help Aas-E-Kausar via a donation drive to complete it’s Vocational Training Center for widows in Chamman, Balochistan.
  • Set foot in Voice Society (an orphanage for special kids) to raise awareness about child as well as animal abuse via 5 different activities throughout the day.
  • Collaborated with Step & Help and had an #IftarDrive with the folks at Happy Homes, an Old-age house, in Ramzan.
  • Had an #IftarDrive at Chaaon Oldage Home, in collaboration with Step and Help society.
  • Had a collaborated #IftarDrive in Mayo Hospital and covered the:
  1. Female Ward
  2. Department of Neurology
  3. Department of Pathology
  4. Children’s Ward
  5. Musafir Khana
  6. Mayo Hospital’s Mosque
  • … and an other collaborated #IftarDrive in Mustafa Town, Lahore.
  • Had a Rashan Distribution drive with collaborative efforts.
  • Educated people via Social Media.
  • Got ourselves some Legal Advisers.
  • Had two successful internship batches filled with unique people to work with.
  • Had a Global Pictorial drive to reach out as many people as possible with our message.

Things to check out:

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