Need of the hour: Commemoration or Contemplation?

Few days into Independence day 2019, a 40 year old man attempted to rape a 7 year old girl. He was pardoned by the family of the victim when the accused’s ménage offered their minor girl (to be raped) to balance out the crime. They came up with this disturbed justice where they presented their girl to be raped or else the victim’s family ought to forgive the accused. The victim’s family opted for the latter.

Few days prior to Defense Day 2019, saviors of the nation, PD, killed a thief in custody who had also been reported to be mentally unstable. Several other reports have surfaced suggesting him to be a mastermind disguising as a lunatic to get his way. Either way, what happened was illegal and disgusting. Police brutality and horrendous practices are sickening.

Few hours before Defense Day 2019, light-bearer of the nation, a teacher, beats his student to death because he had not memorized the lesson.

Significance of today or any other national day isn’t mere remembrance of what happened and if it is the gist, then I am afraid nothing’s coming out of them.
Sure we ought to remember the sacrifices and struggles and pay homage to our ancestral treasures but it certainly doesn’t complete the void we are wanting to avoid today.

With everything that is going on, in the country, it is safe to say that commemoration does not help much but contemplation might. Let’s contemplate on ourselves, our role in the society and the fact that nobody else is going to better our future but ourselves.

Pakistan Zindabad! 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰

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