Why did we go to celebrate ‘Meethi Eid’ in a Christian Orphanage?

An umbrella is useless when it is closed, and a burden to carry, it is the same with our mind too.

An Open World Begins with an Open Mind. Let us practice to motivate others.

– Beyond Perception

In one way or another, us, humans have been connected with each other through lineages and much more since the very beginning of time. Be it our genetic make up, shared resources, or likability towards the same eateries or movies etc. We are all the same! Some days back, I came across a video that inspired me to believe so even more and I think the feelings would be mutual once you watch it too.

Our feelings for each other due to racial or religious differences are an outcome of the societal paradigms – but they don’t have to be! It is on us to make sure our tomorrow isn’t radicalised with extremism for the coming generations – the movement and efforts to do so begin from ‘now’ – not tomorrow.

The video showcases a random group of people from different ethnic & demographic backgrounds and religions – each one tends to feel superior than the other but the ending leaves everyone in awe of humanity and how nature works in the most mysterious of ways. The bold view points end up spinning into nothingness leaving behind acceptance and love for all.

Religious Teachings and Humans:

Without a doubt, no religion prospers chaos and enmity. However, humans tend to twist it as per their desires and wants. For instance, many men tend to joke about not even having to take permission from their wives in event of a second – fourth marriage but do not go about saying what exactly should be the reason of more than 1 marriages. Similarly, although various religions preach peace – it is difficult for people to gulp down their differences and accept it as it is.

An Indian also tried to throw light on it using the art of poetry via UnErase Poetry. Thus, in a way religion is an oxymoron for many. It can be reduced, however, if people are made to accept that others are just as human as you are.

The video might be a bit too much for those unable to accept humans for what they are i.e. humans. Every religion preaches respect for each other. Even back in the Prophet’s (PBUH) time, Muslims lived peacefully with Non-Muslims until they started abusing their power over Muslims (as per the studies). This means no one stopped anyone from being on friendly terms with each other – unless one harms the other emotionally or physically.

Every single religions alongside atheism preaches humanity and peace – i.e. a decent way of living. However, in the past years, if we look back – religions have been made a tool to advocate violence by some. Be it the New Zealand attack at the mosque or a bomb blast in a mandir, from Al-Qaeda to Daish, from Myanmar conflict to the escalating levels of cow vigilantes in India, a large number of disoriented individuals tend to use a twisted version of their religion to justify cruelty.

In order to prevent such organizations from using religion as their shield – it is important to inculcate humanism and acceptance in the world. If people start thinking of others as someone exactly like them … they might just feel difficult going on to extreme measures in the name of their respective religion. Moreover, we need to talk about how cultures shape a huge part of religion and we need to separate the two. To make a long story short – it is essential for us to not only think about being united but acting on it as well.

Interfaith Peace Building Activities

Point being, we should always inculcate people from other religions in our festivities and life not only for us to open our minds but for them to feel accepted as well. Pakistan wasn’t taken for a particular religion – no matter the ratio. It was created so that everyone who seeks freedom and acceptance to follow their religion, beliefs or ideologies without hurting someone could do so without being interrogated or forcibly stopped and hated.

Thus, we ought to respect each other’s traditions and the only way to do so is by having a proper knowledge about it. Just as many Muslims might not know the science behind Easter, Burns Night, Tet, Losar, National Apology Day, Purim and so many other events that occur all year round at a global level – same amount of people are unable to comprehend the science behind Eid as well. Therefore, in order to not only promote interfaith peace and acceptance but also to enhance the horizons of our minds – celebrate your happiness (be it religious, spiritual or worldly) with everyone around you … not just a particular set of people.

Doing so would reduce the chances of growth in radicalization. It is also one of the best ways to counter violent extremism and nip the evil in the bud.

Meethi Eid, 2019

On a lighter note, we would like to thank the people who donated jewelry pieces for the little girls we spent our day with. Here are a few pictures for you;

  • Jewelry for orphan girls
  • Eid Celebrations at Orphanage

The girls weren’t just in awe of celebrating Eid with us but instead they were also a bit surprised to have been included in a different event. Some were shy, some not so much, but one thing is for sure – all were happy. From eating something meetha to taking part in our interaction based activities to get gifts – it all went great.

They were told what Eid is and why it’s even celebrated by Muslims. It was a new concept for them to grasp at – but they were happy to do so … to be included in it.

Culturally, no one ever celebrates their religious festivities with someone from a different religion and that is totally up to their preferences – however, making each other feel included even if they don’t believe in the same doctrine is a huge step towards interfaith harmony.

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