This Ramadan, we at Chaaon – Sab k Liye, expanded our horizons by having an iftari in Rajanpur as well. We also included people from other religions to be a part of our iftari so as to encourage interfaith peace and development.

1st Iftari

Our first iftari took place on the 16th of Ramadan i.e. May 22nd, 2019 at Heaven Oldage Home. It is an outcome of Noyan International Organization‘s efforts and supports diversity. The organization also has a children shelters alongside other initiatives working under the same banner of humanity.

2nd Iftari

Our second iftari took place in Rajanpur on the May 25th, 2019 (19th of Ramadan) and covered Naimat Colony, Chowk Allah bad & Main Highway – in particular. Thanks to our every dedicated trainer, Taimia Sarwar, and her (volunteer) team for making sure it went according to plan.

Third Iftari

The third iftari was held on Jumma tul Vidda i.e. May 31st, 2019. It was somewhere between Super Town & Fort Villas (Lahore) but know one thing for sure – the iftari packs disappeared within minutes. :’)
One more dope thing to happen was how people came to help out of the blue and someone also sponsored us some posters. The only thing they asked from us was for our logo and just see how brilliantly they got the posters made in the pictures below.

Fourth Iftari

The fourth iftari was right after Jumma tul viddah and on June 1st, 2019. It was at Chaaon Oldage Home located within the premises of Mayo Hospital. One of the oldies (the one in the last picture) excelled not just in medicine but also created a UPS of his own. Sad and exciting at the same time. Our volunteers were all welled up.

Thank You!

It’s no surprise that no matter how much we try to do something – we can’t do it alone. Therefore, we would like to thank every single person who donated towards this cause not just their money but also their time. Namely; Fatima Gull, Rimsha Ather, Nida Shahid, Sana Tariq, Muhammad Sabi and our families.

Nevertheless, it won’t be out of the ordinary to say that although we didn’t have much supporters for this particular endeavor because of which we couldn’t collaborate with the gracious organizations that approached us – it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Moreover, even if you (readers) have a hard time trusting someone else to do the right thing – do so yourself.

One thing that needs to be taken into account especially is to not make your kindness exist just for a particular religion or sect. When we do so – that is where the process of dehumanization begins. Thus, inculcate those around you in your festivals of love and joy without any judgement towards them. We are all humans before anything else and we need to remember that at all costs.

Inspiration to do something evil is not an outcome of ID alone. Terrorism and mass massacres are not because someone acted upon their impulses – it happens because of dehumanization of the other person into something much inferior to us. It needs to be changed and maybe we should start from today!

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