Love or abuse?

Many a times, we across crimes where the guilty party defends their doing as an act of love. Honor killings, lovers shooting their beau because they didn’t accept their proposals or sometimes even parents killing or abusing their kids because they don’t want kids to be hurt by the society. It has become so common that, now, we don’t even bat an eye upon hearing such gruesome acts.

Observing around, I have come across the fact that there are two major types of wrong: one is which is recognized at least and the second type is taken for granted. The latter is worst because it propagates the former and we being ignorant, do not realize why it happened! Look around yourself. There are things that you do not approve of or you know are wrong, ethically or morally. But you don’t stop those because obviously who wants to be a kill joy, right?

Sitting in a gathering, hooting on passer-by, commenting on people’s bodies, judging their characters, calling names seems to be okay, offensively joking about the other gender or degrading some occupation, maybe even abusing someone for being the way they are, making fun of someone’s problems also seems fine, discriminating people … I can list hundreds of things that we do on a daily basis, everyone acknowledges them to be wrong but no one would ever put a stop to it and here’s why: Because then there would be no fun and humor. Humor is the essence of gatherings and if you stop anyone from any of the “light-hearted” fun things, you would just kill the joy out of it.

Take it from me, being kill joy is far better than being partly responsible for some obscene behavior that could have been stopped if you had been a kill joy. Maybe you could have put some sense in those people.

I remember reading this post on Facebook and glaring the fact that how much is there for us to learn and how far have we come, just because we do not want to stop our ‘friends’.

Accepting the fine line between LOVE and ABUSE

Love and abuse are interrelated in today’s society and its about time we start realizing it. Just now, I came across the newest television sensation ‘Ahmed Shah’, a Pathan kid. He is being used as a prop by various television programs which is partly saddening but I really got disturbed by seeing how we are ruining a young mind. He is being shown the side of an artificial world that is kind to him today for things, it would be ruthless for tomorrow. He is being taught to be an autocrat and is being loved for it but 15 years into future, who is going to tolerate such a behavior? Obviously television industry does not care about anything as long as it gets them TRPS.

Recently, a tik tok celebrity Hareem Shah put up a video of her kissing Ahmed Shah. Showcasing your affection is fine but is this the way?

This is clearly CHILD ABUSE; if you name it love or anything like affection … it doesn’t work that way. Ahmed has no sense of appropriate behavior but this is what he is learning. Now that he has learnt that people show love like this without asking for permission, who knows how he’ll exhibit such a behavior in time. He might just go up to any girl in the future and kiss her and that is when this society is going to blame him. And this is the second type of wrong that we just take for granted till it takes shape of wrong that cannot be overlooked.

Moreover, Ahmed is being kissed illicitly by various women from the showbiz – showered by smooches and so. Bahlaj, Ikrar ul Hasan’s son, is also being target-ted with such a behavior more or less. What parents as well as the society needs to understand is that it doesn’t just hold a sword over their future personalities but instead it also normalises this form of love in their eyes. This takes them a step closer to being abused by pedophiles without even knowing so. It needs to stop just as people need to stop empowering such gestures.

Why do we have to say ‘NO’ when something reaches its extreme form? Everyone who reads this must understand that you need to step up and step up today because if you won’t, who would? Onus for better tomorrow is upon each and every one of you so stop people when you see wrong and be a kill joy if it means to side up with right and stand for others even if your clan is the one you end up against. You are not born just for anything, play your part in this ‘circle of life’.

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