Q k ‘hunting’ krna kaafi cool hobby hai(?)

There is someone … walking behind you … watching your every step. I remember when I heard the lyric in Final Destination for the first time – the song that came out as a romantic one turned into a very stalker-ish creepy song. Always scared the shi* out of me, the moment it started playing in a scene. Left its mark for good.

Khair, today let’s begin with a story and, therefore, I need you to really pay attention to every single word. Feel it, engulf it and breathe it. Cool?


Imagine yourself walking down your favourite park, butterflies fluttering their wings all around, birds chirping melodies passionately. See that bench in front of you? Maybe you should sit down for a while and enjoy the weather. You are safe. Life is beautiful.

Oh look there, little Jazib has started walking. Feels like just yesterday, when he was born next door. He’s waddling towards you; let’s hope he doesn’t stumble or fall.

Almost here … almost. You open your arms to embrace him. He seems light as a feather – but you’re proud of his achievement. Maybe give him that lollipop in your jeans pocket … but … wait a second – why isn’t Jazib moving at all? It’s unlike him to be this still.

All of a sudden there’s blood on your hands. Someone shot him with a suppressed sonic .308, at the back – his back. He’s cold, now. You’re weeping, he wasn’t even your own flesh but this is so wrong on so many levels. This is your home. Today was supposed to be a good day!

Oh God, why?

How is hunting cool?

While we do not ask you to become a vegan – we do strongly wish and hope that you try and understand the meaning of need and desire. If you ‘need‘ to eat meat, sure by all means – fulfill your appetite; however, if you’re doing so just for the sake of your adrenaline rush – shame on you!

By hunting, you’re normalising death – for you, for those around you and for those you boast in front of – and it’s not just any death … it’s murder. So how would you feel if someone came into your own home with a gun to scrutinize your individuality? Take your children for their own artsy purposes and chain the mother to make some extra money and chop off every man’s head to hold unto as a medal of valour and courage? Courage that existed only because you had a rifle?

Pity how some people have a desire to feel good and superior not by doing something for the inferiors but by making them suffer – humans or animals; it’s a tale quite common these days.

Disadvantages of Hunting:

When you hunt, you don’t just promote the extinction of a species but instead you’re also putting your own head on the line. You’re in their territory and if it gets dark – mommy won’t come to make you feel better. You might just meet a similar fate. Sometimes, hunters end up gunning each other down by mistake – js.

Moreover, it’s a costly hobby – itny paise lgany hee hain tou yar kisi gareeb ko khana khila dou na k kisi k jaan lou – if you want to live in harmony, let every living thing do so as well. Yet, it doesn’t end there.

Hunting inflicts pain to the entire animal kingdom – families get separated; babies get orphaned or snatched. Sometimes, pregnant mammals end up dead during their labour hours. You are literally the reason a life ended and another never made it to Earth. Very cool, right?

Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest is also intervened with; since the fittest animals won’t be left with anything to hunt for food. As per Darwin’s theory, the natural selection is based on survival of the most healthy of animals – the ones that get sick end up getting prey upon by the natural predators as food rather than entertainment. Hunting literally challenges the whole eco-system, kicking the natural balance in its most intimate areas. If your excuse if “oh but I only hunt over populated species” – do you just know how many humans are present on this Earth? We are the overly populated, guys, not them – so … yeah, stop using that excuse. Killing someone whether humans or animals is wrong and should be demotivated. Plus, a nature itself takes responsibility of the animals giving way to starvation to make sure everything gets back in order.

Starvation is sad but the point is that nature can be its own predator.

Hunting gives way to the act of purge – if you saw the movie, you know what I mean – by letting you kill as you please with or without a set target. you’re just out to kill. It feels nice but it’s really not right.


“Avoid ye the seven obnoxious things {deadly sins}: polytheism; magic; the killing breathing beings! Which God has forbidden except for rightful reason.”

— Narrated by Abu Huraira. Sahih Mulim – Kitab-ul-Imam

No religion promotes hunting. Literally none tell the followers to just go and kill for pleasure except maybe satanism or the one vikings used to follow (I think, pagan?) until they turned towards Christianity. So tell me now, who do you follow? Even if you are an atheist, how do you not have a heart?

Did you know that even the wildest of natural predators don’t hunt or kill an animal in front of them unless they are hungry? A lion would literally drink water from the same pond as a deer and not even bother aiming at it, even for a second, because it’s full. Who’s better than who then? The beast or us humans?

If that’s not enough to convince you then rest assured, there’re other points to ponder over as well. Animal abuse is directly proportional to psychological issues.

Source: peta2

Phir bhi nahi man’na? Acha, angraizi movies chorain – ap Sunial Shetty ki Baaz dekh lijiye, kaafi lutf andooz hai. Maine bachpan main dekhi thi, ap ab dekh lyn. Let me know what you learn from it, cool?

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