Since animals can’t talk back, Sughraan.

Socialising is a basic part of life itself be it among animals or humans. We fall in love with humans over and over only to be torn down with sorrows and broken hearts. This is mostly because we associate too much with each other rather than our selves and end up expecting the other person to somehow turn into a fairy godmother for us. Tsk, tsk – that’s not how life works. As our age pans out and gets ready to take a final flight before settling down forever; we tend to realise how much we could have done and gotten out of it. Do you recognise the purpose of your life? Is it heartwarming and brings solace to your distress? Good for you, however, many spend their days looking for something … someone to brighten up their day.

I am not promoting animals over humans, but yes, I am asking you to try a pet. Mostly because it comes at your level of unconditional love and gives it back ten times more than you invest. My cats even follow me out in the rain; when they want to stay by my side. I was surprised the first time but they do so and I am more than happy to have them in my life. While the importance of having pets from 4 basic kingdoms was discussed in my last piece of writing this one goes out to the wildlife animals. The ones we so ignorantly cage and hunt down for our amusement and pleasure. There are many types of animal abuse but the first and foremost we need to take care about is their freedom.

I am not even going to bring up examples of caged animals from other countries; just assess the photograph below.

Picture taken at the Bahria Enclave Zoo, Islamabad by Hammad Khalid

How does it feel seeing the bear being humanised in this picture? By the size of it, I’d say it’s a cub. Did you know they separate mothers and their babies in the zoo for more attraction and activity? I mean, you must have seen Dumbo, right?

If a mother stays with her baby – she wouldn’t be able to come out of the shadow and entertain the spectators and gosh do we hate a lazy animal in safari parks and zoos or what?

The point is how would you feel seeing a child in a similar position?

If you are unsure of your feelings then now is the time we talk a little brain language. Did you know our brain is divided into three parts?

Reptilian Cortex that is the first part and makes us selfish. The only thing a reptilian brain concentrates on is one’s own basic needs – roti, kapra or makaan type.

Limbic Cortex instils the desire to socialise and empathise – if it’s absent one is unable to feel the other person’s pain or understand his or her importance in life. It’s present in all mammals – humans aren’t the only mammals jbtw.

Lastly, Neo Cortex makes one think logically and set priorities.

So if you say that you can’t empathise with this cub – you’re lying to yourself or there’s something seriously wrong here. No offence, of course. Moreover, did you know that all psychopathic behaviours are a counterbalance of animal abuse and child abuse? If someone has been a victim of child abuse – he is likely to take it out on animals. Since the death of animals would start satisfying him – he would end up killing more than just animals. I am sure, we all saw those movies and seasons as well.

Coming back to the topic at hand, we wouldn’t like being pushed around our own home, would we? Sometimes we even get angry at our relatives for trying to control us – so when did the notion of controlling another being in its entirety become something righteous?

Wildlife is meant to be wild and free, away from our daily shenanigans. There is less space for an activity for animals in the zoo leading to increased health issues and less surplus in our zoos. In Europe, they kill around 3000 – 4000 animals in their zoos per year for educational purposes and birth control. What do you think happens here? Moreover, there is no privacy for the animals and thus they suffer emotionally (yes, it’s nothing to laugh about, Fazal). And how can we forget the awesome people who throw pop-corns and … pebbles on zoo animals just to see some activity?

The existence of wildlife is essential for our being – they maintain our ecological systems. While many argue, that keeping them in a zoo is only to protect them – it’s a lie. They are unable to survive in the wildlife in their old ages … when they are actually released to save up on the zoo’s budgets, however, if they are born in nature — they will find a way to survive as well. Humans never had a right to take over their rights, to begin with.

If you still think animals have zero emotions or logic explain the picture below for me, please?

Source: Uber Facts

The process of nurturing and letting the wildlife be – is a slow one. Nonetheless, it in no way means that we can’t do anything about it. Let’s take the first step by boycotting zoo visits. The last time I went to a zoo – I was hardly 9 years old. How old were you when you last visited?

Don’t support the abusers; stand with the victims. This is all about the demand and supply chain – if we won’t demand wild animals at our beck and call for entertainment purposes and stop going to the zoo or attending circuses – a lot can change.

Animals don’t need training to be themselves. No one does. Make a change even if it’s as little as you stopping yourself from going to the zoo or a circus.

Just because they can’t speak up about their pain doesn’t mean it is non-existent. Observe closely and you will see the reality behind the ‘beast’ they are. No animal becomes a beast without a trigger – humans … they sure do.

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