Of lights and bulbs – a take on having pets

This is the difference between you and I.

You ask I give…I ask you complain.

You tell I listen…I tell I listen

I prioritize…you demoralize.

I kneel…you look down.

I respect…you form an ego.

I give way to love…you end it with a split

I let you win…you make me lose.

I want to trust…you just hurt too much.

You are chalk and I am cheese.

You are born just to squeeze.

I am born just to excuse.

You are butter and I am grease.

Have you ever come around that one person who makes you forget everything? I am sure we all have! While many people get impressed by those who have a dynamic personality some are just romantically inclined to fall for almost whoever gives them a tad bit of attention. Sometimes the person we fall prey to turns out to be a sibling and sometimes it could be a lover or a friend. It could be anyone, you see. I, for one, have given almost everyone as much importance as I could … ever since I made friends with life itself. I felt that if you give someone the kind of importance you wish to get you would always be reciprocated … but did it in reality?

We all know the answer to that, I believe. No human can possibly reciprocate to you at your level and that’s okay. Everyone processes differently and all those we come across are an outcome of their experiences. Someone was bitter? It’s not them – it’s their experiences that shaped them to be so. Forgive them and just let it go. No point pondering over it again and again only to well up tears and cry a river.

However, this isn’t about humans – the title itself strongly suggests so, doesn’t it? I have loved and I have lost – many people – to their ego and mine, to their narcissism and mine, to their clouded judgments and mine. With a conscious trail of unconscious heartaches, at last, I stumbled across the quote that was something like; “Until you’ve loved a four legged animal you haven’t loved at all”. I planned to get a pet a second time and I got my cat – Owlie.

Cats are a bit difficult to get along with as they are our quasi-equals. Trust me when I say – cats do NOT take BS. They get pissed at you and they get jealous of whatever you pay attention to when they demand it. It’s said that it takes a lot of time and emotional investment before a cat finally falls in love with you. You really need to work for it and so I did too. Took almost a month before Owlie owned me as hers but ever since she did – I felt whole. Now, I have 7 cats at minimum (and 14 at most).

No matter what human relationship you are in and love; family, friends or partner(s) – no one can love you as much as an animal. Mostly because they can sense your vibe and rub theirs off at you. While it can be easily said that humans are like bulbs and tube lights – that often fail to function and leave us astray in the dark … one’s pet can be used as a metaphor for natural light. Just as the sun will always shine after a rainy day or a dark night – your pet would always be there for you. Your pet would always force you out of the dark whether you like it or not and the best thing is that you WILL get out of it by your own choice. Why? Because your pet is adorable and the the best stress reliever on Earth.

Did you know that, as per science, cats reduce the tendencies pertaining to domestic abuse, suicide as well as mental illnesses? They lower the risk of heart attacks and their purring can literally heal your bones and muscles. I have anxiety issues and sleep paralysis – trust me when I say they have been significantly reduced to only once or twice a month from a daily routine ever since I got Owlie.

Not a cat person? It’s okay, dogs are just as love-able! While cats are an introvert(s) best friend – a dog can help you become more sociable and make your heart stronger. They make sure you’re fit and healthy by going on runs with them and reduce your stress levels to a significant amount while diminishing depression as well. Dogs can also detect if something is wrong with a human, at a physical level.

A fish can improve your sleep cycle to a great length! While all pet animals are sure to help you sleep better – studies support fish the most. Having a pet fish is also a therapy for hyperactive children and people with anxiety. Moreover, fish are also thought of as one of the best Alzheimer’s therapy that improves the patients’ mood and reduces erratic behavior. Close your eyes and imagine an aquarium – what do you feel? Calm!

Having a bird as a pet can keep your mind sharp and vigilant. They also encourage socialism which can be great for your career and life itself. Alongside healthy cognitive abilities birds also help you manage your stress.


You don’t need to fall from grace just to be with your fellow humans and feel bad about it later on. I have many friends who keep up with abusive friendships and relationships because they have no one to turn to. They feel unworthy and believe that if they let their abusers go … they’d get too lonely. Fear of abandonment turns one into a desperate soul wandering the realms of life with hearts riled up with grief and sorrow. Please, don’t be like that. You are beautiful and you deserve what you think you do. Get yourself an animal, a pet, to love unconditionally just as it would love you too.

If you can’t buy one – adopt! Can’t adopt because family has issues? Start feeding the strays – you will feel better. You will have a pet that you meet outside the four walls you term home and that can be enough!

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