Yasir Hussain and the uncanny wit…

Twitter’s been raging upon the recent comments of Yasir Hussain, an actor we remember from the project Karachi se Lahore and its sequel. Before commenting over any of it, I would like to pin down some info for people who have not been following the story.

Hussain will be seen playing a role of a woman in his upcoming project with ARY Digital, of which he shared some pictures, on his Instagram account.

Looking at the picture, some of the audiences got the idea that he would be playing the role of a transgender.

This reply of his is what has stirred a massive debate on social media sites. Hussain has replied with the following, today.

Iqra Aziz, the famous face of Suno Chanda, being the great friend that she is to the actor, came to his rescue and commented on the issue as well.

Taking this platform as an opportunity, I’ll lend out some explanation for both Hussain and Aziz to understand why Hussain is being the target of all this wrath because clearly they need some perspective.

Dear Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz,

First and foremost, nobody cares if you are playing a woman or a transgender. That is of secondary importance in this inhumane debacle. A sincere television buff had given a suggestion of casting a transgender in the project instead of impersonating one, you clearly were not able to dignify it with a sensible response or better to call it as not able to understand it. Wit is only appreciated when its confided in subtle and ethical conforms. In no way were you funny or graceful and then the attitude you adopted to clear the misconceptions needs to be applauded. Because you couldn’t even identify the reason why you were getting all the hate thus proving you as inconsiderate that you were being accused of!

Transphobia is a real thing and making insensitive remarks over it is plain distasteful. I am so glad that people are becoming considerate over these things and did not brush off your comments and to be honest you should too. You do call yourself as an agent of change and this change in the mindset of people is amazing. Giving you a benefit of doubt, may be you did not make such heinous and offensive remarks intentionally but rejecting their severity is gruesome. Accept what you said and make a sincere apology and thank people for becoming so thoughtful for others.

As far as Iqra Aziz is concerned, its really overwhelming to see people of same industry being such good friends. All your points are topnotch reality, somewhat, though cannot advocate the ill that Hussain commented. Whatever the extent of closeness is amongst two people, wrong stays wrong and instead of resenting the people on the right side, you might want to fulfill your responsibility as a friend in the future i.e. to correct your friends and then supporting them. It’s not that hard honestly but is the right thing. Your comment on the issue is even more sickening than Hussain’s because you saw the situation from the outside and still commented the not-so-logical stuff.

You need to understand that two wrongs cannot make a right. So if people are as bad as you mentioned in your comment and still got offended by your friend’s disgusting remarks…then they have got a heart which has some empathy left in it. Defending Hussain to the point that you are degrading their consideration is such a low level to hit. I feel deeply sorry for your friendship even because you could not muster up the courage to correct the wrong and i feel even sorry if you felt that Hussain’s comments were cool.

I really hope you two can contemplate and come up with a better way to respond to fair criticism.

Best wishes.

Lastly, I would really appreciate the concern that is the source of this rather unpleasant but worthy discussion. We have seen in movies and on television, that fair skinned people are casted to play dark skinned; men or women are casted to play transgenders, and that has been the way it is. Now that this concern has been raised, I hope that someday some sane people understand it and ponder upon it too.

Let’s all be a better version of ourselves, possible only when we start considering others as important as ourselves.

*The featured image is taken from Good Times and can be accessed here:

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