Hush little baby – don’t say a word!

Hush little baby, don’t say a word. He gropes your ass, but don’t say a word. She makes you sit on her lap, don’t say a word. Protect your honour. Protect your family. Stay unheard.

Cover yourself. Meet them in public. Keep up appearances. Be polite. But don’t say a word. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t report. 

Don’t say a word. It will tarnish your reputation. It will destroy you. You will be banished. You will be banned. You will be tarnished. You wont be wed. You wont be loved. You wont be respected. Don’t say a word. 

You meet them in public? Respect them. You talk to them in front of others? Be polite. They send you a proposal? Accept. They are the only ones who will marry you. They are the only ones who will love you. Lust over you. 

Destroy your life but don’t say a word. Sex is dirty. Sex is bad. Don’t discuss it. Don’t tell anyone you were pinned down and probed. Don’t tell anyone you were screaming but no one heard. You were begging and were ignored. You were trembling and you were assured: if you want everything to be better, don’t say a word. You were dying and everything was blurred. Don’t tell anyone you were groped and forced. Don’t tell anyone you were violated of your privacy when you were a five year old. 

Don’t tell anyone you were raped. 
Whatever you do,
Hush little baby don’t say a word.

This heartfelt poem was written by one of our former interns, Zoya Shahab, as a rhetoric take on the society hushing children from speaking out at times when they should be supported instead.

Children are often told to forget and forgive the adults that make them feel bad in one way or another yet are thought to grow up as the most decent of humans beings – many do and many don’t. What do you expect from a child introduced to the reality of this world on his or her own esp. when their own guardians tell them to protect someone else’s beast?

They would stop depending on you. Moreover, you telling them to stay quiet for someone else’s honour means that the child doesn’t have to take care of his or her own honour. This is one of the major reasons many children grow up to see many things in plain grey and never black, grey and white. For them, everything works as long as an adult is satisfied … but happens when they become adults?

Zara sochiye.

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