Only YOU can define YOU!

Nothing in this world is absolute except the Almighty; everything else is relative. What is good for one person might be a routine activity for another and what might be negligible for one might mean the whole world to another being! It is so true and writing this, makes my heart a bit heavy because we all understand this concept without accepting it. Don’t we?

We need to understand, that there is always going to be someone better than ourselves and that should not make any difference… because what really matters is the way we picture ourselves.

If you like doing something *in legal and ethical capacity* and are afraid to do so just because how you’d be perceived, you really have wasted your time, energy, even life and trust me that’s a sigh!

I’ll, right here, give you the key to step up and follow ‘yourself’:

Step 1: Self Actualization – give yourself sometime and figure out the real ‘you’.

Step 2: Is your aspiration something worth your time?

Yes? Next step.

Step 3: Will it, in anyway, affect some other being?

No? Next step.

Step 4: Carpe Diem! Go for it.

Several religions have strong belief system centered upon multiple lives or reincarnation but even if you believe in it, it is hardly possible to get the same opportunities in the next life or the same interests so, without the invention of time machine, there is no chance you would be getting any opportunity twice. What’s now is what you have got and avoiding it, only because people would define you for your choices, would result in regrets or heartaches, sometimes trauma.

I am not the first one to talk about this and I certainly would not be the last but it is really important to take rounds over this discussion because no matter how much we like these lines, we never really understand the true sense and accept it.

You are the only person in the whole wide world who can comment over who you really are. No one, not even your closest friends, not even your parents can do this honor…but you! You know why? Because everybody has a different perception of the same person in their minds; interpretation of the same person is different by all. And you know who’s perception of you is correct? No one’s!

Only you know the real you; sometimes after a long journey of self actualization but if anyone can, it would be you. So why do you have to care for whatsoever anyone has to say about you. Only you can define you!

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