You are your own ‘beautiful’ life lesson.

If given an option to rewind time, many would grasp the opportunity, in a second. But would it really help?

Whatever you are, today, you are because of everything you have been through. Would you still be this sane and mature without all the scars you had? Would you still be as witty if you had not been pulled down by peers? Would you still be the epitome of excellence that you are, if life had been a bed of roses?

Every downfall comes with the key to rise up again. Stand firm and confident over your experience. Without falling, you would have never learnt to stand!

With saying all of this and believing it to the very core, experiences that traumatize the soul and scar the heart demean the meaning of life altogether for the victims of emotional and physical abuse, though I wish that you rise up again and understand that you are a lot more than being a constant target of depression and anxiety. You are a beautiful soul and you should really take your life as an opportunity to uplift others who could be going through what you survived or are surviving.

Things that we deem ugly for ourselves are, in fact, a fair opportunity for to learn something. Moreover, help and get those situations and feelings out of the way of others, because why not? You already think that its not good for you, and if its not good for you … it certainly is not something you might recommend for others. Give people a chance to experience the goodness of human beings again.

You are your own hero and you wear whatever you want! Don’t wait for a shiny armour and don’t let others wait as well. Take the lead.

Now, when I look around myself, people are pessimistic and you cannot blame them for having their gloomy selves because they go through the harsh realities of lives without getting a break on routine basis. What you can do is to play your part in changing their perception which is only possible if you have a positive outlook towards life generally. Just look out of your window tomorrow morning and instead of thinking ‘why this job of mine is stepping over my fun routine?’, just for once observe the deflecting sunshine, feel the misty breeze, rise up and be firm that you would make at least one person feel better in the next 24 hours. Just one.

Step out of your zone and see the world, for once, and live it up for somebody else. Somebody you don’t know of and you might never or somebody you see daily. It just does not matter who you choose to make life easy for because deep down everyone is struggling and if you can ease even one life for a day, you are stepping towards the greater good.

You’re helping create a better tomorrow. 🙂

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