On Arrange Marriage

This poem here is very close to my heart as it came to me when my family decided that I ought to marry as per their liking and conditions despite my zero interest in the whole thing. I, too, can be thought of as a victim of child abuse even when I am grown enough to take my own decision. Enjoy ~

You let me go.

I don’t want to go
To a place that looks so dull
I don’t want to go
To a place that never had a pull
So set me aside
I’ll become your pride
Don’t send me away
No more will I be that way
The rotten carcass and fetid smell
It haunts me so
The open caskets and hypocritical smiles
Please, I don’t want to go
How could you when I trusted you?
I pledged my loyalty, my dreams for you
And yet you send me away
In a sanatorium of masks
That will not let me breathe or sway
Yet, you, in your blindness
You sent me away!

The poem is titled “You let me go” and is written by one of our anonymous contributors A.K. – every single word shows the agony the poet is in because of the trust she put in her parents. Esp. since the rules she lived by her whole life have been an unending woven ball of traditions and family based opinions. We hope the world learns to accept that they children are no one’s property.

If you want to have a child because you want to cherish another human being and love them more than yourself – great, have a child! However, if you want someone who would grow to obey and lead their life without any desires, experiences and opinions of their own – please, just have a pet succulent instead.

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