Muskaan loved her father very much. Ever since she was a toddler – she’d always sleep with him saying she wants “abu jee” to hug her to sleep. Even if she was ever scolded or beaten for her wrong doings, she did not mind. She understood that it was for her own betterment because her father loved her very much and she knew that. It’s not like she did not have a mother – of course she had one but still no one could ace her abu jee’s place or love.

I remember, when she was just 5, her father slapped her brutally for crossing the road without his permission. She cried a lot. When I inquired – she said, “yes, daddy slapped me and scolded me a lot but I had been a bad girl. He just got scared I’d hurt myself. So, he got angry. He dint mean to hurt me – he loves me the most. He did it for my own good.”

This was quite a lot of years ago. We stopped meeting and grew up in different areas – mainly because she moved to another city.

I am 7 years older than her but I mean she grew up in my arms. I held her when she came here in our world. We had a special bonding. This girl with beautiful black beads for eyes and skin as white as snow had to be given a special name. Thus, I nicknamed her “Muskaan” on our first meeting and eventually everyone started calling her that. Therefore, when we met after a long time, I planned a girls time as soon as I could.

One day, she told me a story. She insisted that she had a really good one up her sleeve. I sat there – all ears to her.

“Once, a girl and a boy went into a jungle. They loved each other. It was getting dark and they had nowhere to go. The girl was very scared of the dark. The boy found a haystack and some woods nearby. He lit them up and the problem of darkness went away. The girl was no longer afraid. They slept holding each other just like I sleep with my abu jee. The boy loved her and protected her just like my daddy, you see. When they woke up, the girl was very hungry. They had nothing to eat in the jungle so the boy took his pants off and asked the girl to take him in and satisfy her appetite. The girl then went on her knees and was soon full. She did not feel hungry, anymore. The boy patted her head and asked if she was satiated. She smiled and said yes. They then hugged and spent the rest of their day finding a way back home. THE END”

This girl, who grew up in front of me and was now in 6th grade at the moment, told this story in the most glorifying way possible. I sat there shifting uneasily trying to ignore what she had just told me. I asked her who told her this magnificent story and she cheerfully said abu jee. I could ask no more. Just didn’t have the heart to.

* Muskaan is an adoptive child. Her adoptive parents couldn’t have a baby of their own so they “bought” her. She was adopted after 2-3 years of their marriage. They took her in as their “own baby girl”. At the moment, I am not even sure if she was one to her abu jee anymore. The people in their society have started saying that the man is raising a side-bitch/ second wife for himself. Moreover, the girl is notorious for being a slut who has too many boyfriends.

(Inspired by a true story) 

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