What is Chaaon?

Chaaon with the tag-line "Sab K Liye" determines our purpose as well as our mission. We tend to provide a welfare platform not for one but for all. ‘CHAAON -SAB K LIYE’ is a social enterprise founded by two hardworking souls who are ready to face any hardship in order to provide comfort to others. Want to join the cause? Just click the button below. :)

Our Reason?

Time by time, we come across something we don’t like either about our society, our friends or ourselves. We always wait for the negatives that take over our happiness and positivism around us to be eradicated by someone with a highly ranked position. We wait for a hero to come and be our savior, when we can be that as well. Where ever and whenever we go to a place we face the grim and ugly realities of the present. But what are we doing about it?

Our initiative ‘Chaaon – Sab k Liye’ tends to eradicate the germs of our society one by one – as soon as possible-with maximum magnitude and enthusiasm possible. The word ‘eradicate’ might make you want to go crush the sources that give birth to the germs of our society but that is absolutely not what we are up to. No, we do not have any desire to kill or harm anyone in this process of cleansing and purifying our state from the negativism and evils around. However, we do wish to pluck out these evils and plan to make the barren lands flower again-we will work hard and bring back the positivism and beauty in the lives of many by holding each other’s hands. The purpose of humanity was surely nothing inhumane so why not stand against it?

We are going to outgrow the grim or dark areas of our society and spread as much fresh aroma and sun light as we can.

Moreover, if you wish to volunteer for our campaigns – feel free to check out our “Get in Touch” page. We have a volunteer’s form sitting there just for you to fill and join us.

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